Hey all, this is an incremental update adjusting several smaller issues that were left intact from our previous large update!

In addition, the Linux version of the game has been brought up to speed with the rest, now with parity (mostly) with all platforms. Because it's not the main platform we develop on, feedback on its stability is most appreciated. Reach out to me using the forums on Steam or Discord (see sticky topics on Steam for how-to). The Linux version can only be accessed by playing through the Steam client.

Anyway, let's look at some of the patch notes. 


  • Added a small reminder to use the Spellbook to the tutorial
  • Added a loading bar animation to the leaderboards, reminding you the game's not frozen!


  • Keybinding system received a full upgrade
  • When using game controllers, the virtual keyboard for naming the character has improved
  • (14/09/20) Monsters are slightly weaker overall


  • Fixed leaderboards sometimes not loading up
  • Fixed boss door visibility, previously rendered invisible or darkened
  • Fixed starting loadout not consistent with chosen loadout when skipping tutorial
  • Fixed some wrong default keybinds for certain interfaces
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing minimaps to render
  • Fixed the background image for character creation inconsistent between screens
  • The in-game trophy for using Steam now has its wiggle animation back
  • (15/09/20) Fixed a rare crash if firewall aggressively stop game from connecting to itch.io

As always, if something's up, feel free to let me know in the Steam Community or Discord. If you come across a crash, check out the topic there about bug reporting to get it to me as soon as possible.

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Version 1.1.3 Sep 13, 2020

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