This is a small patch with some clean-up reported by some of you simply by playing! The Linux patch will be out soon, needs some additional testing (as always).

Also, in testing right now, there is a MacOS version as well. You could try it by downloading it from the purchase page. It is far from finished but you can give it a try. Please keep in mind that it might not work, it is a work in progress to port it properly.

Anyway, let's look at the patchnotes!


  • If you beat the game, your savegame will be deleted (sorry)
  • Spells you already know will have their item names prefixed with "Known"
  • It is no longer possible to deconstruct or throw red keys dropped by Champions (it will hinder progress)


  • Fixed a weird bug where monsters will idle indefinitely after a basic attack under specific circumstances
  • Fixed soundeffect spam when holding down delete button naming your character with controller
  • Fixed button sequence for item generation altar now properly clears so you can try a different code if a previous code did not allow you to collect (e.g item too strong)
  • Fixed an issue with casting blinding spells on monsters and getting stuck in an endless loop trying to update their field of view and re-rendering the map
  • Fixed an issue if a spell ended up in a strange situation not actually having a target

As always, if something's up, feel free to let me know in Discord.

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Version Jan 10, 2021

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