Update 1.1.5

Hey all, it's been a little while!

This update includes several needed fixes and changes a couple of things to give it a fresh look. I focussed a little on the overal readability of the game's aspects and as a start I introduced a handy way to see exactly what kind of elemental changes gear is affecting your character with. In addition, it should be easier now to understand and find your way around the champion process - particularly how to continue after beating a named creature.

Anyway, let's look at some of the patchnotes. By the way, if you like this game, please consider writing a nice review! Thank you!


  • Added an elemental info bar to the inventory window
  • Added champion key and safezone notifications on the map to help guide you better
  • Added small idle animation to player if not moving for a short while
  • Added a method to re-connect to the internet on the title screen instead of restarting game


  • Text on title screen glows a bit for better readability
  • Text selecting game mode animates for easier readability
  • Caret while naming your character now blinks for easier readability
  • If messages become too long in the eventbox, they will spread over multiple lines now
  • Several texts concerning elemental comparing is adjusted for better understanding
  • You can no longer use a champion key in gem crafting
  • When playing offline, will not attempt to notify Discord of new achievements if enabled
  • Fire traps will now heal monsters who absorb fire damage
  • When you are game over, your savegame will no longer be deleted
  • Control info bar now hides when you move around


  • Enemy champions are now able to cast Focus on themselves
  • Fixed spell information on creation screen be more accurate and descriptive
  • Fixed skipping intro when retrying a new game in the same session
  • Fixed intro background music not starting properly on retrying a new game in same session
  • Fixed fading audio not resetting to normal when backed out during fade out
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to resurrect an enemy creature
  • Fixed an issue where item health is not properly reloaded when continue a savegame
  • Fixed text offset in trophy notifications
  • Champ stats is hidden on title screen if they are zero
  • Fixed visibility issue sometimes not showing objects right as you enter a new floor
  • Fixed a crash when an enemy is backed into a corner and attempts to flee anyway
  • Fixed a potential crash when textfile containing seed names is missing or corrupt
  • Fixed a potential freeze if names being written or generated keep making profane names by accident

As always, if something's up, feel free to let me know in the comments or Discord. If you come across a crash, check out the topic about bug reporting to get it to me as soon as possible.

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Version 1.1.5 Dec 08, 2020

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