In this follow-up patch, I hope to resolve a few interesting bugs and adjust some mechanics to accomodate our new Nintendo Switch players that are now attempting to dominate the leaderboards!


  • Spell scrolls are more common to find
  • Golden treasures will now provide more varied loot and usually more of it as well


  • Fixed a very obscure bug where the game may freeze if a visible neutral monster is cornered with no available paths to take and can take 1 action per 1 turn (e.g Rock Crabs, but not Slugs or Snails)
  • Fixed a bug where mimics or pumpkins in their neutral forms who take damage by thrown items think they are attacking themselves (due to the effect) and send them in a frenzy (usually event log spam, sometimes game freeze)
  • Fixed a bug where when creatures decided where to walk, they don't see player blocking the tile into consideration (they consider the player's tile free, which can be a problem)

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Version Aug 21, 2021

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