Update 1.1.6

Hello, everyone!

I'm happy to share the next iteration of the game! It's been a little while as I was collecting some long standing issues and some suggestions as well. I work a little slow because I'm the only developer for this particular game, but I'm making progress on what people like to see. We're now looking at the final stages of the 1.1.x cycle and we might start to look ahead for the 1.2 cycle, fairly soon!

Anyway, let's look at the patchnotes! By the way, if you like this game, please consider rating it! Thank you!


  • You can now consume items or learn scrolls straight out of the loot window
  • Effects from your gear, such as gem effects, are now listed on the right side of inventory
  • When naming your character wrong (profanity, unsupported characters etc), the game will now inform you
  • When uploading your character at game over, a screen overlay will show this
  • Opening and breaking doors now, if enabled, vibrates your controller
  • Some items are internally localised in the continued effort for full localisation
  • When looting a Boss Key from Champions, a tooltip will appear for the door to use it on
  • New tips will appear in the pre-load screen
  • You can now unbind any key or button
  • Gem Crafting now will show an Additional Effect where relevant
  • Added new gearsets for magic builds
  • Left thumbstick on the controller may now be used to move character or navigate UI (cannot be rebound)


  • Complete redesign of the trophy/achievement window
  • Contextwindow when using an item now disables options if they don't work (e.g healing when full HP)
  • Contextwindow will not close if trying to select an option that cannot complete
  • Disable Praise mechanic if not connected to the internet
  • Healthpoints text slightly larger when looking at enemies
  • Adjusted user interface for Monster Database, Trader, Blacksmith and Jeweler
  • Default keybinds for gem binding and repairing has adjusted to overlap more
  • No longer able to open inventory when selecting targets on the map
  • Hide more info of an item if the item was flagged unknown
  • Controls Info bar also fades out if trying to select a tile on the map
  • Renamed instances of Paralyze to Stun for better naming


  • Fixed a bug where some item names were not properly rendering
  • Fixed slotted gem icon not rendering properly after loading a savegame
  • Fixed knockback properly taking into account the size of targets
  • Fixed titlescreen text if no controller was plugged in
  • Fixed graphical issue in Crafting window
  • Fixed text overlapping when viewing unknown effects of items
  • Fixed moving around inventory during gem crafting when not relevant
  • Fixed gearset bonus calculation if multiple of the same item exists in inventory
  • Fixed showing certain unobtainable items in Monster Database
  • Fixed render order of pop-up windows in inventory window
  • Fixed a crash when entering unsupported characters for player name
  • Fixed a crash when all items are dropped and trying to select an empty inventory slot
  • Fixed a crash trying to check on gear effects that may not exist anymore (e.g broken gems)
  • Fixed a potential lock-up when being beaten while low health and Bleeding status
  • Fixed a potential lock-up where enemies are unable to end their turn when player dies in a 'freak accident'

Thanks! Enjoy!


stay-safe-osx.zip 55 MB
Version 1.1.6 Feb 14, 2021
stay-safe-win.zip 43 MB
Version 1.1.6 Feb 21, 2021
stay-safe-osx.zip 55 MB
Version 1.1.6 Feb 14, 2021

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