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Get that roguelite itch scratched with this roguelite adventure! Try and beat all 35 floors, defeat whoever's at the top and escape these deep dungeons safely!

Stay Safe is an asynchronous multiplayer roguelike where death is punishable by a complete restart - as roguelikes do. There's no persistent savegames, there's no checkpoints - no hand holding. It's difficult. Sometimes maybe unfair!

Along the way you'll come across champions, other players who have previously been where you've been. And you can only continue to safety if you defeat them all!

Once you reach the top - defeating some other actual player's champion - you could finally be safe. And, hopefully, Stay Safe

ALSO AVAILABLE ON DISCORD: Visit Storepage (free until July)
DISCORD COMMUNTY: https://discord.gg/jaDRtk8

The game is still in development, but you can play right now

Currently working on finalizing existing features to get out of beta. I work on this game in my free-time, so please bear with me.  In July,  the game will no longer be free and will become $2,50 in order to play. That's one coffee, basically.

LEADERBOARD: https://yellowcakegames.com/staysafe/leaderboard/

Note: The monsters, item distribution and equipment stats have not been tweaked yet, your experiences may vary but your feedback is appreciated (needed, even). The game may feel either too easy or too difficult at this time.


The people behind this game are:

  • Coding - Lance
  • Support Coding - Jon
  • Graphics - PantsuKing
  • Additional Graphics - JoramW
  • Music - Scythuz & Liamlhasz
  • Sounds - LabChirp Generator & Juhani Junkala

Refer to the license.txt file for libraries and other works used to realise this project.


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stay-safe-win.zip 37 MB
Version 0.52.3
LICENSE.txt 12 kB

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I played a bit and liked.


That's really nice to know! Thank you for your time!


After an hour of play, here's my thoughts. First off, lots of fun. Genuninely. I love the music, most of the mechanics, and what you've done so far. I do have some improvments though!

Please speed up the bite animation, it's annoying to have to go through it 20 times in a fight with a damn bat or something.

A simple walking animation would add a lot, being that it's the main mechanic of the game.

Let me interact with stairs, chests, barrels, ect. all with just the WASD. Havinig to do the space+enter thing is a bit annoying.

Have a ranking system so I can easily see if the sword I currently have is better or worse than what I picked up. So on and so on (honestly, I may have just missed it if there is one. You kinda need a quick intro to the UI as well).

Also, it's insanely annoying to get so many levels up just to die after being crit by something stupid and have to go through the whole thing again. Can an easy mode be added maybe where you just go back to the last store level you were on? I'd be MUCH more interested in continuing to play. I'm really not a dark souls kind of person, though I know some people certainly are that's why I'm not asking you to change the game completely. Just make it easier for impatient people like me

Otherwise that was a bunch of fun! Thanks for the hour of entertainment, I look forward to playing more!


Thank you for your honest and well put response! I appreciate you took the time to play through and then write down your thoughts.

Yes, ability to skip or speed up on animations will be added for the release. There's a couple of things I need to finetune and UI flow is one of them. 

Yes, there is a compare already in game. If you're highlighting an item, you can use the Compare tool. On keyboard, this would be holding down the Shift button. There should be a controls UI hint at the bottom of every window. Of course, the compare tool itself will need some updates (highlight the better item etc.), so it's a work in progress.

Yes, an easy mode is a great idea. You can already do this manually; there's a tweaks.txt file in the Mods folder that you can edit. Of course, this won't let you rank in the leaderboards but will make the game bearable in some areas. I will add a proper easier mode later on when the game is feature complete. This includes a save game option!

It's great to see you're expecting the things I am set out to add. This gives me confidence! Hopefully, in the near future, I can make another hour of entertainment for you. Thank you!

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Glad to be of help, I would absolutely be more inclined to play if there with a very simple option to go into easy mode. It's just a good quality of life update for the game for sure. I'm excited to see where you go with everything!

Do you have an artist who can do animations for you? I'd be happy to make a super simple walking animation just so you can knock that off the to-do list for now

Thank you for your offer! I've already got an artist who makes sprites from time to time. :) I'll let them know!


Played on my show, Indie Game Roundup. Very promising so far!


Hey! Just seen the video! Really honored you made a video and super thankful for the valuable feedback you've given me. The game is continually being updated, so definitely check for the latest release when you've got time! 
By the way, there's an option in the settings to turn off the "file generation" feature. Useful, because it just uses key presses and doesn't open any file dialogs and it might work better with your recording software. Anyway, thanks a lot man! Appreciated!


Sounds good! Looking forward to playing the latest update!