This patch took a little longer than needed but it was important to work on some performance. From here forward, you may not be able to backtrack allllll the way back! However, you can backtrack all the way back to 5 floors before your current. To put that into perspective: if you have reached a safe floor with a merchant, you may travel back to the previous merchant freely! This means you will still be able to go back and loot/sell what you missed without fear of not being able anymore.

While many computers don't really care for the data that is needed to track all this (which, really, isn't that much), it really shines on lower-end PCs or laptops. It is especially important when attempting the Endless challenge; you wouldn't want to start lagging out on your 78th floor because the game is still tracking floor 4... And that's why I felt it was important to tackle this now rather than later when we start adding things again.

Anyway, let's look at the patchnotes! By the way, if you like this game, please consider leaving a nice rating! Thank you!


  • Backtracking now limited to clear memory and enhance performance long-term
  • Spell scrolls are slightly more rare (a bit overtuned last patch)
  • You will no longer be able to cast spells from Spellsbook UI if you are frozen, stunned or silenced (sorry)


  • Fixed Blacksmith's ability to clear gems properly
  • Fixed loot window now properly showing Deconstruct option
  • Fixed various text offsets and rendering for Gem Crafting and Blacksmith UI
  • Fixed opening inventory while the dungeon is transitioning in some rare cases
  • Champ screen checks if cancelled before able to finish data fetch

As always, if something's up, feel free to let me know in the community or Discord.

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Version Sep 18, 2021

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