Hello, everyone!

This is a small update to tie some final things up. I've focussed a little more on some fixes behind the scenes this time around and looked around in the Discord server to see what issues arose over the last couple of months. Through Steam, Linux players should now have parity! Mac users, hang in there, I'm freed up to work on that so stay tuned.

Anyway, let's look at the patchnotes! By the way, if you like this game, please consider writing a nice review!

Thank you!


  • Added new loading screen graphic
  • Items may be deconstructed from looting window
  • Gem effects are now listed for gear that has it
  • Added notification if your ranking can't be sent because you ended too early
  • Added notification if you try to toggle offline mode during gameplay


  • Monsters should no longer spawn too close or ontop spawn position when skipping tutorial or playing endless
  • Pause Menu item "Give up" now properly states if this will rank you or not
  • Some skills have received a small re-balance on effects


  • Fixed spells sometimes losing their mana cost upon reloading save game
  • Fixed spells not getting actual targetting position where it mattered (e.g summons, teleporting)
  • Fixed context menu when using mana healing items being disabled when mana can still be replenished
  • Fixed AI resuming processes after player has died
  • Fixed loading screen animation if you use alternate map loading (Windows only)
  • Fixed ranking bug where it will occassionally send multiple records when game ends
  • Fixed toggling offline mode when there is no network available anyway
  • Fixed crash when skipping tutorial and using alternate map loading

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Version Aug 05, 2021

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