Update 1.0

I've been working on this game for quite a while now and I think it's good to release a big update to it. Here's some patchnotes. ENJOY!

Couple of notes before you dive in. 

Because the savegame feature has been reworked a little bit in this update, it's not quite compatible with previous versions. There were some issues that prevented me from making them backwards compatible. For this, I apologize. On the up-side, however, the current system is a lot better and future proof. So we got that going for us, which is nice. Your new savegames should be good to go. In the event that your saves get rejected, feel free to send them to me for analysis. They are located in your Documents/My Games folder.

The Crash Reporter is active and should work on your computer (if you are connected to the internet) that will send me the crash report if it happens. The contents of the crashes may be viewed in your Documents/My Games folder for Stay Safe, specifically in the Crashlog folder. I don't receive any personally identifyable information (e.g your steam name, pc composition or IP address, whatever). I don't really care who you are, where you are or what your buying habits are. I just want to make games.

Reaching out
We have community where I'm active in and approachable. Feel free to drop in for your feedback, critique or just for a nice talk. http://bit.ly/YellowcakeDiscord



  • Added new equipment
  • Added new throwable items
  • Added new themes
  • Added new monsters
  • Added new monster abilities
  • Added gear set bonus feature
  • Added new pre-load screen to warm up graphics


  • Inventory screen has different graphics
  • Savegames are not deleted if they are incompatible/corrupt (send them to me!)
  • Some monsters have new passive abilities
  • Bite and Scratch abilities now only apply Bleed if these attacks actually hit
  • Hunter Cap now shows your beard when equipped as helmet
  • Iceblock radius reduced
  • Overall monsters have been slightly nerfed
  • Merchant have slightly less items to sell
  • Some monsters have their loot tables altered
  • Interacting with empty objects now notifies you
  • Changed the player gear graphic overview to a more compact one


  • Fixed crash during savegame
  • Fixed crash during status effect update
  • Fixed crash during loadgame for mana regeneration
  • Fixed crash of audio manager trying to play an unloaded file
  • Fixed crash when certain graphical values get mixed up
  • Fixed crash when using unsupported characters during naming (e.g japanese)
  • Fixed crash when trying to use an invalid favorite spell
  • Fixed crash trying to use a gem for crafting that has an empty effect
  • Fixed Crash Reporter not working/triggering
  • Fixed player sometimes frozen when loading game
  • Fixed player sometimes frozen when entering champion floor
  • Fixed wrong mana values when loading game
  • Fixed monster surprise triggering after they died
  • Fixed monster sometimes doing additional effects on you, even if they miss
  • Fixed monsters sometimes not getting hurt by hurting tiles (e.g campfire)
  • Fixed monsters sometimes attacking you after they died the previous turn
  • Fixed monsters properly using the Blind spell
  • Fixed monsters sometimes trying to get double turns when they shouldn't
  • Fixed monsters accidently giving you a free Throw achievement
  • Fixed goblin parties not trying to kill themselves on campfires
  • Fixed game not unsetting loadgame internal flag when making a new game
  • Fixed game giving a free turn to monsters while the game was still loading a save
  • Fixed memory issue of tiles trying to update when they aren't even in view
  • Fixed some items showing wrong descriptions
  • Fixed Key item using proper rarity values
  • Fixed camera resets after the begin of player's turn if it has moved
  • Fixed effects not loading properly in Wands/Staves
  • Fixed boss doors occassionally being placed awkwardly
  • Fixed status effects manager trying to update when there are no effects
  • Fixed Strange Potions sometimes having the wrong effects
  • Fixed a typo for certain gear graphics


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Version 1.0 Jan 06, 2020

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