Update 1.0.4

This week's update adds some more stability. Let's take a look at the patchnotes.


  • Added numpad keys to available bindings


  • Slowly rolling out translation module in preperation for translations
  • Slightly better memory footprint


  • Fixed potential crash regarding equipment (thank you, kind stranger for report!)
  • Fixed not getting exp when traps or hurtful tiles finish off your enemies
  • Fixed some monster descriptions going out of bounds in the textbox
  • Fixed potential crash regarding player update (thank you, kind stranger for report!)
  • Fixed potential crash regarding traps
  • Favorite items now show the Favorite-word in the appropriate place
  • Fixed Resurrection on Champions which isn't allowed (sorry)
  • Fixed wrong item types when reloading games for certain items

A note on translations
With this patch, we've begun rolling out a module that manages translations. Some of the in-game text is already moved to an external file for translations. The plan is to tackle Russian and German first and then slowly roll out other countries as well. If the community wishes the help, please join our Discord to be part of this.

There is no ETA on the full translated game for mentioned languages. While the programming itself is finished, the enormous work that goes into translating everything should not be underestimated. More info to follow soon.

Current activities
With this patch out of the way, I'm going back to the 1.1 branch. This version will come with a level editor that allows me (and you) to create more interesting levels for puzzles or story. There is no immediate ETA on this patch but I believe February is good month to release. I drop imagery and videos on our Discord and on Twitter from time to time.

Thank you and have fun!


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Version 1.0.4 Jan 15, 2020

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