I took the time this week to make sure the patch is good with the help of the Discord community. In addition to the 1.0.8 patchnotes, this is what also changed since:


  • Attack Chance no longer exceeds 100% hitrate
  • Legendary items no longer spawn by cheesing savegame reloads until it spawns
  • Sound effect for sockets won't play if there's no sockets on the item to flip through


  • Fixed status effects completing the entire list of effects to tick, even if host is already dead
  • Fixed creatures that die taking with them a random object in the map
  • Fixed players sometimes experiencing two melee hits in a single turn
  • Fixed occassional crash if levelling up while champion is being created in loading screen
  • Fixed traps sometimes doing damage to dead monsters

Update 1.0.8 was a broken mess. It was obvious that it needed a little more time to quality test it. While I'd like to update at least once per week, it's important to uphold quality as well. Sometimes this might result in a bi-weekly update instead.

Once again, big thanks to Items from the Discord community to helping me get some of these fixes out and still uphold quality.

Of course, there's still a lot that I'd like to do with this game so I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks for your patience. Have fun



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Version Feb 12, 2020

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