Update 1.0.9

It took a little longer than usual but here it is! Linux version this week!

Immediately visible when playing this update is the change in art. I've been using the artpieces for a while now but it was time for a refit. Especially the fonts needed replaced to properly support languages that have more than the basic alphabet (e.g most eastern european languages).

This update was mostly focussed on the art overhaul and the on-going translation effort. It's a ton of work by myself! While not accessible yet, 1500+ words have been indexed for translation and we have just now started tackling the final bits: items and spells. Once everything is indexed, it will go to our translation partners to provide the best experience.

Let's get into the patchnotes so you can see what else has changed.


  • New fonts
  • New introduction art
  • New title screen art
  • Updated leaderboards backend to V2


  • Mana no longer regenerates while under the effects of "Focus"
  • The 'controls info bar' at the top will now subtly fade away when you're moving
  • Based on feedback, monsters have been made slightly stronger again
  • Spells are sorted by usability when viewing the spellbook


  • Fixed a crash where selecting 'Give Up' in the first room 'Prison' would sometimes result in a crash
  • (Steam only) Fixed a crash when closing Steam before closing the game would sometimes result in a crash
  • Fixed map not immediately revealing when opening a door.
  • Fixed gear durability restoring when reloading a savegame
  • Fixed favorite item restoring when reloading a savegame
  • Fixed last used spell restoring when reloading a savegame

Happy escaping, prisoners.


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Version 1.0.9 Feb 23, 2020

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