It's been a while! I'm still alive, I apologize for the absence! As the sole programmer in this three-person team, my attention has been diverted to a mainline project over at Yellowcake Games that is nearing completion after 3 years in development, but I still wanted to get some small fixes out on my personal project that have been left unresolved... 


  • Game Over screens have had some small graphical updates
  • The font used in the character creation doesn't support non-latin characters, this has been fixed by simply saying 'YOU' instead of the player name (until we find a suitable font).
  • Updated the game over screen animation to the new art standards


  • Swap ability no longer freezes character occasionally.
  • Resurrection has some additional checks for who they can resurrect.
  • Tiny performance boost on lower-end computers.
  • Resolved black screen on startup that affected some people.
  • Game crash when attempting to use the in-game Screenshot function while game is not fully loaded yet.

As always, if something's up, feel free to let me know on Discord. If you come across a crash, you can send me the crash.log file to staysafe@yellowcakegames.com! 

Thanks! Enjoy!



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Version Jul 09, 2020

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