Update 0.29.2


  • Added labels for LEFT/RIGHT in character window, under equipment for hands
  • Added labels for gear  in compare window when comparing them (e.g HELMET, LEFT, RIGHT, MISC.)
  • Magic points will now increase with levelling up


  • Random recipes always resulting in Sword
  • Unused textures are now properly unloaded from memory
  • After game over, monster health bars are hidden again
  • (Jan 8th) Fixed equipment window still using 1 and 2 / Up and Down despite showing otherwise
  • (Jan 8th) Added maximum thinking timer for monsters, prevent game freeze


  • Equipment Window now uses LEFT/RIGHT instead of UP/DOWN to equip gear
  • Increased healing consumable values, now scale along


0.29.2 30 MB
Jan 07, 2019

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