Update 0.30

Milestone 30

This milestone is all about magic and its uses. At the end of the milestone, I hope to finalize the learnable magic system, balance all the spells and add a large amount of new spells of various elements and statistics. 

Additionally, I will begin investigation on how to uniquely define certain spells. I am going to look into "ranking" spells, based on usage or rarity. A spell would have 5 ranks and each subsequent rank increases its stats (but the spell effect remains the same). 

On a final note, investigation into multi-platform is currently underway. While Discord integration has worked on Windows from day 1, it does not currently work on Mac or Linux. On top of that, the Audio system in use also does not support platforms other than Windows. These are the changes that need implemented and will hopefully happen within this milestone.


  • Mana for Player is implemented
  • Spellbook is a default item now
  • Spells may be learned if they are used 10 times
  • All magic items now have magic cost and can only be used if this is met
  • Magic mana cost now properly shows up with item descriptions
  • Mana regenerates each beginning of a turn by either 1, a critical 2 or a failure of -1 (losing mana).
  • Certain spells are not learnable and will therefore not show up in the spellsbook after usage.


  • Player EXP bar is now smaller, above the health bar. Doesn't show stats anymore (to be continued).
  • Imps are a bit weaker
  • Necromancers may now also cast Fear
  • Necromancers will appear slightly less
  • Bolt is slightly more expensive
  • Eddy is slightly more expensive
  • Fear is more expensive
  • Heal is slightly more expensive
  • Summon Monster is slightly more expensive


  • Accidently made turn timers never reset when switching maps, freezing game after all


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Jan 09, 2019

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