Update 0.32

In this update, we've overhauled several aspects of the game to bring it to a new level. The character creation looks a lot better now and offers more information on what character to pick. Additionally, there's more variation in the characters (beards!).  Our artist started to work on several new pieces of art, debuting in this update a version of the upcoming title graphic!

The dungeons looks visually slightly better. We've implemented some automatic tiling to give it a slightly better look. Blood trails are also using this and look a bit better.

Several magic items have been added since, too. In fact, magic have ranks now and may be found at higher ranks at higher floors. In addition, treasure chests may now show up that require a key. These chests will yield better items than what you'd expect from that floor. It takes into account your highest reached floor (backtracking will always yield appropriate items). 

On a final note, multi-platform is looking really good. We've phased out NAudio to use a multiplatform system instead and as a result eliminating all hurdles to get this game onto your Apple Mac's or Linux. Discord support follows later for these platforms!


  • Spell ranking, ranging from 1 to 5. Each rank increases its magic power and cost appropriately
  • Player healthbar will flash if low health
  • Several new spells
  • Golden treasure chests (locked), may only be unlocked with a treasure key
  • Several new sounds for their context
  • Characters have more variations now
  • Character Creation now shows item info when generating character
  • Monster Database now shows discovery progress
  • (Jan 21st) Pressing F11 during gameplay takes a screenshot. This is saved in My Games/Stay Safe as PNG


  • Warlock has a unique sprite now
  • Monster Database save file now saved in the My Games/Stay Safe folder with the rest of the game files
  • MP are now proper sprites instead of blocks
  • Added "Resume" button to Logbox if it's focussed
  • Minimap visuals
  • New graphic for title
  • New visuals for character creation
  • Character footsteps have variations in sounds now
  • Champion data that is downloaded is now saved in the My Games/Stay Safe folder
  • Window header font is now changed to match game's main font


  • (Jan 21st) Highscores showing more than 15 characters 
  • (Jan 21st) Highscores not marking characters that belong to you
  • (Jan 21st) Trying to open Mod tab in Settings crashes game
  • Being champion of a floor will now show up on title screen again
  • Game uses slightly less memory now
  • Champions who spawn are now not shown on minimap briefly
  • Champion data that have been downloaded are now cleared on exit
  • Kills statistic in the highscore is now working again


  • NAudio library


  • Blood trails may occassionally cut off graphically
  • Higher rank spells have unbalanced stats and/or droprates
  • Locked treasure chests may occassionally not yield better loot than normal

Floor champions have been cleared for this release.


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Jan 20, 2019

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