Update 0.32.1


  • Monster Database now shows elemental info on creatures (weak, reduced, resists)
  • Monster Database now shows approximate difficulty rating
  • Safe Zones may now look different occassionally
  • A new monster has been added
  • (Jan 23rd) You can now give up through the pause menu (this will still rank you)
  • (Jan 24th) A basic tutorial will show up when you start a new session
  • (Jan 25th) Gems now have durability and may break


  • Monsters are now slightly stronger at higher levels
  • Items have slightly different droprates
  • Using Tweak values will now prevent your character from ranking
  • Some items will not show up on a creature's loot table in the Database (e.g coins)
  • (Jan 24th) Hostile monsters do not turn friendly if a champion attacks them
  • (Jan 25th) Overall gold drops have been decreased
  • (Jan 25th) Monsters do not reveal their magic regeneration status
  • (Jan 25th) Some magic types do not have increased mana costs per rank
  • (Jan 25th) Summon magic scroll has their rank based off on monster difficulty rating


  • Music no longer restarts when coming back to title screen from highscores or character creation
  • (Jan 22nd) Trying to generate a new character after dying would not work
  • (Jan 22nd) Champions may become friendly in special circumstances, preventing progress
  • (Jan 22nd) Eliminated small chance of having your initial loot  chest locked
  • (Jan 23rd) Fixed knockback damage actually damaging now
  • (Jan 23rd) Fixed rare game freeze when champion is defeated
  • (Jan 24th) Fixed missing equip button icons
  • (Jan 24th) Friendly monsters may now turn hostile again if attacked by player
  • (Jan 24th) Fixed a crash when trying to view highscores
  • (Jan 25th) Monsters are not shy and will start casting magic again
  • (Jan 25th) Basic tutorial for controllers now show appropriate use button animation


  • Sometimes after being feared, you are unable to move. Unfortunately, giving up the game is only fix (it also ranks you).

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Jan 24, 2019

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