Update 0.33

The 0.33 brings a couple of improvements to the on-going Magic Milestone updates. First, this updates paves way for status effect management and resistances. Additionally, some more work went into the overall accessibility of the game, making the pause menu actually useful and the event log a tad more readable. Several places of the game have received updated sprites and a couple of new spells have been added for more variety in your trek to stay safe.

To increase the variation of our players,  we're starting to add more types of gear. The first to introduce is a basic type: the wooden set. As of this writing, they are slightly better than leather but a bit worse than the iron set. 

Of course, the memory usage of the game is always in question. Work is still on-going to optimize where possible and the overall size of the game continues to lower. Memory usage of the game is still in the process of being optimized, the game being in development makes this process a little harder to manage until content lock will be in place.


  • New magic spells have been added
  • New character variety added
  • New monster added
  • Give Up option has been added to the pause menu (this still ranks you)
  • Status Effects may be resisted using items or by a monster's passive abilities
  • Certain monsters gained new abilities
  • You can now see the rank of a scroll in the inventory description
  • Added a new consumable healing item (and some monsters may drop this, too)
  • Added a new gear type for helmets, chestpieces and legs
  • Some tilesets have a few more variations
  • Logbox now has icons to differentiate from event types going on (combat, item, progress, etc.)


  • Item damage states now have an icon. It is a work in progress and may appear scaled wrong!
  • Pause menu is completely different now
  • Settings can now be accessed through the pause menu, too
  • Most items now have their gold and health values tweaked
  • If a monster has no elemental weakness/reduce/resist, it will show "none" instead of nothing in the database
  • Some accessoires now have better statistics


  • The "Up" tutorial bit was clipped the character, this has been resolved
  • Fixed some title screen options disappearing when window is unfocussed
  • Fixed floor champion texts on title screen flipping around visibly sometimes
  • The introduction text to press any button now uses proper alpha fading
  • Loading screen animation reduced in filesize


  • Damage state indicator may appear too big


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Jan 31, 2019

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