• (Feb 5th) Added a lot more trophies / achievements / badges


  • (Feb 5th) Monsters may sometimes try to avoid traps if they got hit by them
  • (Feb 5th) Changed gold values of various items


  • Fixed invisible spikes
  • Fixed damage state icons off screen
  • Fixed spikes turning monsters into friendlies
  • Fixed self-harm turning monsters into friendlies
  • Fixed typo in poison event text
  • Fixed missing controller button icon in Spells window, resulting in game crash
  • Fixed being able to go into negative money while trading with merchant
  • Fixed filling a gem socket when there shouldn't be one
  • (Feb 4th) Game crash when monsters get hit by certain objects
  • (Feb 4th) Fixed potential crash when viewing sockets at Blacksmith
  • (Feb 5th) Wrong arrow key icon when generating sequence
  • (Feb 5th) Selection offset in settings window, Game category
  • (Feb 5th) Conditional trophies now properly trigger

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Feb 05, 2019

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