Update 0.34.1


  • Added some debuff skills
  • Added critical hit effect
  • Added pause sound effects
  • Gems may now also have status effect resistances when they are made
  • Gems will show their health 
  • When selection a tile on the map, a window appears to inform of controls
  • The Skip Turn action has been added to the controls info (top of screen)
  • Some monsters have new abilities
  • Accessories are now visible on the game screen with the rest of your equipment


  • Fear spell is no longer used on allies by monsters
  • Consumables now use a different gold value 
  • Some trophies now have a different requirement
  • You can push friendly entities to clear the path
  • Certain messages generated by monsters now only appear if the monster is on screen
  • Certain gems have a different color


  • The game clears properly if the last enemy you face dies on its own
  • Traps now take actual percentage into account for damage
  • Knights don't appear to phase in and out of existence
  • Very small maps should now appear less ifnot at all
  • Certain gems will be properly destroyed when used
  • When multiple of the same of gem is destroyed, only that gem is destroyed
  • Champions should no longer appear in safe zones
  • Missing magic is now achievable again by item generator


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Feb 10, 2019

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