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Hello, secret readers!

It's been over a month since the last update and with this log I hope to discuss the current state of the game and outline the roadmap up until a possible launch later this year!

I've not been able to work on the game at all this past month as real life demanded my full attention. In the following weeks I can turn back slowly to find time and develop it further. Moving from city to city is no easy task!


December 2018 to February 2019 saw a significant update chain to the game, bringing it well up to a playable state and fleshing out various systems. The game can be finished and has various ways to do so. The semi-online mechanics are in place and fairly balanced, but will always need more playtesting.

Currently, the most work is going into optimization of its memory usage and resolving or rewriting possible bottle necks. In addition, work has been continuing on bringing the game to other platforms as well but its simply not an easy task to balance with other real life responsibilities.

There is still quite a bit of art to be implemented in the game, mostly crafted items and various usable items. There's been a big push for magic for this milestone but the basis for it has been laid down, simply needs more artistic content to be fleshed out.

The new trophy system allows for some replayability, which also requires some new art to be implemented. It is possibly best to divide milestones in code and art types, and try not to do many things at once. 


The Magic Milestone will come to an end fairly soon, there's only a few things missing right now that I hope to implement during Q2 of 2019.

  • Character Status States: frozen, burnt, slowed, and invisibility. These also would have to get corresponding magic spells to inflict them.
  • Spells scrolls with unknown effects (similar to Potions)

The Crafting Milestone will begin after where a lot more focus will need to be on the crafting and implementation of the missing items. The Crafting Milestone is to be handled during Q3 of 2019. Since the crafting systems are already in place, the milestone will focus mainly on the following:

  • Rework of the crafting UI to allow for better usability and user experience.
  • Adding the crafted items with corresponding art
  • NPCs that make crafting more accessibly by providing crafting items and/or recipes for sale

The World Milestone will be the final milestone of Stay Safe, focussing on the look and feel of the world. The updates are mostly of the following variety:

  • Variety of floor biomes, adding to the existing cave, ruins and grey rock
  • Puzzle rooms for superior rewards
  • Multiple staircases, leading to dead-end floors or the aforementioned puzzle rooms

The game will ideally be released long before the end of the year, with the updates going beyond the launch. 

See you in the next updates!



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Feb 13, 2019

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