Update 0.36

Before getting into this patchnote, a word on two new status effects: Frozen and Invisibilty. When becoming invisible, a monster disappears. However, you can still bump into or target this enemy with various actions. In damaging an invisible creature, they will re-appear. Frozen creatures will lose some status effects, such as Stun, Poison and Fear. In addition, freezing an invisible creature will also reveal them. Note however that a frozen creature can still be made invisible and will remain frozen while unseen. 

Alright, onto the patchnotes!


  • New status states: Invisible, Regeneration, Frozen and Burnt. 
  • Added new monsters.
  • Added new accessory items.
  • Some monsters now drop additional items.
  • Added a new spell.
  • Some spells have additional effects.


  • Certain monsters have become neutral towards you (previously hostile).
  • Monsters now take into account if their target has some status effects.
  • Paralyze has been renamed to Stun.
  • Frozen creatures now visibly appear blue tinted.


  • Monsters can now also target themselves if they are trying to buff something.


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Apr 25, 2019

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