Update 0.39

The end of the milestone is nearly here before heading into the Crafting Milestone! But here's the patchnotes.


  • Added few more keys to the button sequence generation on platforms with keyboard.
  • Character stats will now properly colorcode.
  • Character stats will now show additional stats going into the negative.


  • Updated all input icons to match art style. Currently using PC and Xbox One as reference.
  • Some player centric action texts has been adjusted.


  • Instantly skipping intro when pressing confirm button.
  • Scrolling in a near empty list in recipes or spellbook would sometimes highlight empty space.
  • Fixed weird spacing between text and icons for controller buttons.
  • Sometimes monsters would still try to do a skill that doesn't exist.


  • Sometimes there's a long pause (and freezing the game) when trying to view the Leaderboards.


0.39 24 MB
Apr 28, 2019

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