Update 0.40

The final update for the Magic milestone. The focus will now shift towards Crafting in the next couple of updates. However, updates to the magic system or adding new spells will continue as usual. 


  • New floor theme added. New themes may appear after certain floors have been reached.
  • New music was added for the new theme.
  • New monsters have been added. 
  • New accessory items have been added.


  • Accessory items are now recolored based on their type of effects.
  • Some monsters have their loot tables altered slightly.
  • Map tile and map object graphics have been isolated from the larger sprite sheet for better modding (more info later).


  • Starting a new game after reaching a higher floor, items would sometimes generate very strong for new characters.
  • Wrong music would during the Prison map.
  • Randomization of themes per map has been fixed to give equal oppertunities. 
  • Item Database properly clears on new game.
  • Flying monsters would have strange shadow graphics or artifacts.


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May 01, 2019

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