Update 0.42


  • Some monsters now have several variations.
  • Some objects now have some variations.
  • If an item has a gem socketed, it'll show a blue gem on the item icon to easy spot them.
  • Some new badges were added.
  • Clairvoyance has its own status effect icon now.
  • Some monsters cannot possibly become friendly.


  • Prison Guards are a little different.
  • Neutral monsters (critters) cannot have a crowed version.
  • Recipes randomize better, now.
  • Monsters are slightly stronger.
  • Gold drops are slightly decreased.
  • If item names are too long, they will go onto a new line (loot window, only).
  • Cancelling selection mode can now use Escape, prioritizing over pausing.
  • Now using Discord's new stuff to properly connect activity.


  • Some badges have their values fixes so they trigger again.
  • Fixed wrong sprite for some dropped items.
  • Certain gems were showing the wrong status effect context.
  • Neutral enemies become hostile if you attack them first.
  • Fire-element spells now take Frozen state properly in account.
  • Loot window and Trade windows now properly show item effects.
  • Game leaves fullscreen when trying to load files.


  • Removed a crashlog library in favor of a embedded one. Less files!


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May 14, 2019

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