Update 0.44

In this patch, a new feature is introduced. Within your inventory window, you may now deconstruct items. Deconstructing will break down an item to its source materials - if it had any. Receiving these materials depends on their droprate. Whether the item has any source materials or not, it will be destroyed. This is also a handy way of getting rid of items you don't even want to just drop. In addition, this will give you another way of getting materials to craft other items with. Deconstructing a weakened item does not affect the materials in any way and is a legitimate strategy.


  • Added Deconstruction.
  • Loading screen graphics have been updated a bit.
  • Dropping a single item on the floor (or when there's loot sized 1) will show the item's graphic instead of a bag. Neat.
  • Items that have nothing but empty sockets will show a darkened circle on their icon to easily distinguish them.


  • The minimap will move aside a floor earlier, eliminating chance of overlap with the floor icons.
  • Added the source fonts for the game so it'll render them, even if you don't have them installed.
  • Updated a couple of internal libraries, game should use sliiiightly less memory now.
  • Text and color change for accessory defenses and effects for more clarity.


  • Game executable had a wrong file, preventing champions to download for you.
  • When looting treasure in the tutorial level, they now properly show their looted state.


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May 16, 2019

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