Update 0.45

The game can now be found on the Discord store. The server and the store to get it at, can be found here: https://discord.gg/jaDRtk8.


  • Titlescreen now briefly shows key hints for navigation when first entering.
  • New sound effects in general.
  • Weapons can potentially have equipping effects, like accessories.
  • Mana can now be viewed in the character window.
  • Experience has a filling bar in the character window, for better readability.
  • A whole range of new badges are ready to be earned! 15, to be exact. In 4 new categories.


  • Some sound effects have their volume's fixed.
  • Walking speed have been increased when holding down the movement buttons.


  • Fixed character window not properly centered on-screen.
  • Fixed wrong key being polled for item favourite usage.
  • Fixed wrong casting sound for some spells.


0.45 31 MB
May 18, 2019

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