Update 0.46

Support, feedback, announcements, etc.: https://discord.gg/jaDRtk8


-Smaller items may be found in the world, right there on the floor.
- Some monsters have new abilities.
- Some spells now have new range capabilities for area of effect.
- Spells with area of effects now will trigger the animation effect on each valid tile.
- Treasures and some other containers may be destroyed when hit by spells.
- New sound effects for burn.
- New confirm exit when trying to quit.
- Added some new badges to earn!
- Screen will fade a little bit when casting spells.
- Added a statistics page to the Progress window. (May 23rd)


- Looking at containers may be a bit more descriptive.
- Some spells have increased ranges at higher ranks.
- Knocking back enemies into something has a different sound effect than into nothing.
- Champions now save their game version with them, so you can really only fight similar champs.
- Some spells have their effects improved.
- All creatures can be accessed on the final map.  (May 23rd)
- Difficulty is increased slightly.  (May 23rd)
- Most status effects last longer.  (May 23rd)
- Rally may only be used once.  (May 23rd)
- Spamming movement keys no longer makes you go fast.  (May 23rd)


- Experimental fix for opening file dialog while fullscreen.
- Freeze when enemies use special abilities without animation while vignetting.
- Crash when trying to view magical items in loot
- Scrolling upwards in the interaction window would set the cursor out of bounds. 
- Fixed favourites item mysteriously disappearing or otherwise when managing inventory
- Experimental fix for spell status effects on an already dead creature. 
- Trying to pick up a world object (such as a mushroom) will no longer make it disappear if your inventory is full 
- Highscores now properly show your versioned list!
- Certain spells would crash when trying to grab enemies in a radius. 
- Fixed audio being muted after gameover   (May 23rd)
- Fixed unable to interact after cancelling a spell   (May 23rd)
- Fixed clairvoyance removal after feared, even if that status effect is not active   (May 23rd)
- Experimental fix for gem crafting failing to read item   (May 23rd)


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May 22, 2019

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