Update 0.47.5


- Added new daggers, including a legendary
- You can now praise a champion that killed you at the Game Over screen
- Titlescreen now shows your current champion graphic + gear, and some stats
- If your champions killed another player's champ, it will show you the amount on title screen
- Discord users get a small greeting if legitimately playing through discord
- itchio users now get ingame notifications if game has an update

- Legendary droprate has been decreased
- Game Over screen now shows Given Up if actually given up
- Daggers have had their graphics changed
- Minimum repair costs set to 1
- Leather, Bone and Iron gear sets now use the new generation code
- Some enemies now resist certain effects
- Traps that just come up now immediately damage creature instead of a turn later
- Hostile creatures now have a chance of becoming friendly, instead of always
- Gear can now never have a statistic of 0 in their main stat, minimum 1
- Changed antidote icon
- Equip window now shows full item name and icon instead of filler text
- Changed generation altar spiral graphic

- Legendaries no longer appear in trader windows
- Fixed minimap being offset on a specific floor
- Fixed final map including friendlies and neutrals in their count
- Fixed fast running when spamming Wait button - Fixed crafting window to properly show crafted item and icon
- Creatures no longer attempt to use skill on an dead opponent
- Fixed throwing away items onto a full container. Now spawns a new container
- Dropping items on the floor now updates Nearby list
- If somwhow diagonal movement, it now discards that path instead
- Fixed missing item, metal blades can now properly be looted
- Sometimes, when casting fear, a message shows about clairvoyance
- Fixed enemy skill selection code sometimes failing
- Fixed being able to equip two of the exact same items


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Version 0.47.5 May 26, 2019

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