Update 0.48

- Added a sorting feature to inventory
- Added a mild profanity filter for naming characters
- Added a Crash Reporter so reports get sent to me automatically (no personal info included)

- Nerfed some items pricing values
- Some items have their droprates lowered, seeing them more often
- Some swords have less additional hits now
- Nerfed mushroom healing factor
- Some daggers have their overall power reduced
- Legendaries now appear a little less often
- Shields now use new generation code, should appear more useful
- Rapiers now also use new generation code, appearing more useful
- Gems can be viewed in the trader window now, too
- Some monsters now resist statusses naturally

- Status effects now get applied properly
- Monsters now properly die if their HP hits 0 from status effects
- Fixed a crash when trying to render text that the font doesn't support
- Fixed some monsters' variation sprites missing, rendering them invisible
- Gemcrafting no longer takes unknown item into account to payment, making it possible to craft again
- Item used in gemcrafting will also be unequipped after usage
- Sometimes fear would go out of bounds


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Version 0.48.1 May 28, 2019

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