Game crashes and other oddities

This is a general reminder that, indeed, the game is still in testing and sometimes it might not work. 

The Crash Reporter
The crash reporter sends me a raw crash report of the problem that prevents you from playing. In most cases, this problem will be fixed on the same day. users (you) should always look for the latest version - a notification in-game will remind you to update. It's very important you're always on the latest version.

Reaching out to me
The Crash Reporter doesn't include any personal info, so I'm unable to contact you. However, you can definitely reach out to me in several ways:

  1.  Leave a comment on the project page! I'd appreciate if it were phrased constructively, as a lot of people might see your comment.
  2. The Discord Commnunity is where I'm always in, you can join and mention me.
  3. You can reach out to me through e-mail! Our contact form will reach me instantly.
  4. You can also message me on other social media's. The easiest is probably twitter. or

Please don't worry when the game crashes. I will get to them very quickly.  Enjoy!

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Version Jun 02, 2019

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