Update 0.50

This marks the first update in the new World Milestone. Work will start on working on making interesting changes to the world of Stay Safe, including the map generation. In this update, we set things up but also include something cool: Twitter support.

When enabled in the settings (Game->Gameplay subcategory), our official Stay Safe account (@StaySafeGame) will receive a screenshot from the game automatically when you defeat a champion. It will share this for you as an update online! We thought it'd be cool to have a feature like that so we're experimenting with it. Try it out!

It also marks an important step forward regarding combat. Champions now store a lot of necessary info (sans magic and healing items, to be continued) and so we make a point mentioned earlier: please update to the latest version to use this new feature going forward! All your gear that uses Magic will only be saved 0.50 onward. This enables us to add Magic casting for your champs, so stay tuned!


  • Added a Champion's Screen! Now you can see who's on each floor, seperately.
  • Added Twitter support. Disabled by default. Check the setting under Settings/Game subcategory Gameplay.
  • Added a Charge UI, for when you're recharging your chargeable weapons!
  • Added a little info box when using ranged weapons.
  • You can now Look At eggs!
  • Champions now also save their Magic stat when saving to a floor! 


  • Magic requires a lot less uses to finally learn them! It depends on rank, now, too.
  • Multi-hit weapons have had their power statistics adjusted greatly.
  • Prison Guards have been nerfed - they don't call eachother's help anymore.
  • Some spells have had their MP costs adjusted.
  • Some monsters are slightly nerfed, especially on higher levels.
  • Gem of Vecna doesn't instantly kill other players anymore. It felt too overpowered, so until a better solution comes around this will be it.


  • Tile highlighting when trying to use a ranged weapon has been fixed.
  • Adjust some game difficulty values, it is now slightly easier overall.
  • Fixed Charge type overlapping other texts sometimes.
  • Durability of all items have been slightly increased.
  • Some gear pieces had wrong icons.
  • Some monsters now appear in different places than previously.
  • Fixed crash when selling favorited item when it's in the last inventory slot (wow).
  • Fixed monsters still trying to get ya when you're using stairs.
  • Fixed monsters being visible on minimap when entering a fresh floor.
  • Some items have had some typo's fixed.
  • Monsters don't take damage turns when they should be dead.
  • If a weapon has +hits, it will draw them accordingly.
  • Fixed small text offset in Charge skill type for Wands.
  • Settings now try to save if using it through the pause menu.


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Version 0.50 Jun 05, 2019

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