Update 0.52


  • Added key rebinds, find it in the Settings window under Controls.
  • Added new mana healing items.
  • You now start with two standard spells to use. One of them is whatever you choose at the beginning.
  • You may now view your active status effects in the character window.


  • Some spells have had their values tweaked.
  • If no internet available, you will always be in Offline mode until internet is available again.
  • Gem results from gem crafting now always includes the effects of the items used in its creation.
  • The texts of Strange Potions (and its effects) have been made more clear.
  • If no champion on a floor, an NPC champion will now appear.
  • Monsters have a great magic buff.
  • Coins can always be looted, even when using Take All.
  • Spellsbook now shows spell type and cost when it is learned.


  • Fixed crash when trying to render special characters (e.g Russian, Thai, etc).
  • Fixed a bug where it shows a normal non-ranged weapon in the ranged weapon UI.
  • Fixed when sometimes a regular item is classified as a skill in Favorites.
  • Fixed tile selection animation showing up when trying to use ranged weapons.
  • Fixed a rare crash when adjusting entities on a map.
  • Fixed some missing recipes (e.g Mithril Sword)
  • Fixed a memory leak when restarting a new game within the session.
  • Fixed the ranged weapon UI not leaving the screen.
  • Fixed a crash when using button sequences too fast.
  • Fixed an audio bug when viewing item generation and gem crafting.
  • Fixed not able to use caps on name entry when holding down Shift.
  • Fixed some spells not knowing what to do when you don't select a creature but empty tile.
  • Fixed magic damage shown in tooltips now in line with actual damage.
  • Fixed the way favorites are indexed.
  • Fixed controller rumble.


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Version 0.52.3 Jun 15, 2019

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