Update 0.53

Bit more utility to heal mana, some fixes for non-latin based languages (I need a multi-language pixel font!) and a whole bunch of fixes. Here's the changelog.


  • Mana Potions and other items capable of regenerating mana
  • Added several new keybinds
  • Added personal leaderboard, see only yourself and where you ranked globally
  • Added new theme
  • Added small clutter to most themes, e.g grass and small rocks
  • Added several more spears
  • Added a morgue feature: see your previous runs in text format. Look in your Documents folder for the game's Morgue file
  • Some entities now emit light
  • Added a little smoke puff when something perishes


  • Creating gems now tries to always include any effect from used items
  • When deconstructing, any excess items you can't carry will be simply dropped on the floor
  • When several creatures die ontop of eachother, the corpse becomes a pile
  • Enabled content compression to reduce overall game install
  • Mind Blast is nerfed slightly
  • Several tile objects are themed according to their overall map theme now
  • Many spells have their MP costs lowered
  • Adjusted value to how many scrolls are needed to learn a spell
  • Monsters' basic attack may now be of an elemental, instead of always physical
  • Monster AI has been slightly improved, now knowing when to cure eachother
  • Reduced player sight from 6 to 5


  • Fixed non-lating texts crashing the game when trying to render the characters
  • Fixed some weapons missing recipes
  • Fixed memory leak when starting new session from pause menu
  • Fixed controls info keeping active after cancelling ranged weapons
  • Fixed audio glitch when using ranged weapons or item generation altar
  • Fixed game crash when abusing button sequencer
  • Fixed missing keybinds for Game Over screen
  • Fixed holding shift not producing capitalized letters in creation screen
  • Fixed level clamping for champions to be a bit more generous
  • When using controller and unplugging it mid-play, the game will pause
  • Fixed game crash trying to deconstruct some basic items
  • Fixed no champion showing up if you were the champ to that floor
  • Fixed potential problem when champ spawn on traps
  • Fixed character randomization going out of bounds (but not crashing the game)
  • Fixed game crash when using spell on an empty tile for damaging or heals
  • Fixed small clutter trying to appear in interaction window when they shouldn't
  • Fixed spells never hiding their info anymore, should appear more now
  • Fixed game crash when trying to use an empty slot in your spell book
  • Fixed item generation altar showing pick file when this is disabled in settings
  • Fixed twitter notification showing after every champ, should only show once
  • Fixed various typo's


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Version 0.53.0 Jun 23, 2019

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Thanks for the personal ranking.

Color me confused.  I just made a quick run, and died on the third level.  When I pull up my personal leaderboard it's blank with no entries.