Update 0.54


  • Added 6 new gear pieces.
  • Added 4 new basic weapons.
  • Added 3 new spells.
  • Added 2 new status effects to deal with.
  • Added a quick hotkey for re-casting last spell.
  • Added true local leaderboards, including seed view.


  • Changed support spell text to better communicate what it does.
  • Reduced mana regeneration chance.
  • Increased profanity filter list (come on, guys, stay safe).
  • Fixed a few typo's on items and effects.
  • Tweaked many texts regarding status effects.
  • Changed spell rank values.
  • Reduced overall spell damages.
  • Discovering and learning spells permanently will now show in event log.
  • Local leaderboard is now the default screen when going to leaderboards.
  • Improved texts to guide player through gem crafting window.
  • Circlets can now be deconstructed.
  • Invisibility spell now has ranks.
  • Some monsters have new loot.
  • Prison Guards health is decreased.


  • Fixed keybinds no longer being confused when an update adds new keys.
  • Fixed left shift working as intended during character naming process.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at small clutter on the floor.
  • Fixed monsters invisible when knockbacked or reappearing from fog of war.
  • Reduced memory usage slightly.
  • Fixed gem damaging to only happen in appropriate situations instead of always.
  • Fixed crafting recipe list now show quantity result, too.
  • Fixed some status effect texts when using on self.
  • Fixed corpse pile naming entity.
  • Fixed monsters still somehow seeing targets despite invisibility.
  • Fixed spells not taking into account when user is under influence of Magic Up/Down.
  • Fixed Cure spell now only removing debuffs instead of everything.
  • Fixed controls info UI overlapping minimap after certain floors passed.
  • Fixed a potential bug when less than 5 resolutions are available.
  • Fixed a potential bug where player cannot exit Smith's UI after a certain condition.
  • Fixed a bug where button/key icons were named wrong, resulting in a crash.
  • Fixed Circlet using wrong icon.
  • Fixed a potential bug when crafting a gem under special circumstances.
  • Fixed some UI still showing "Pick a file" when this option is disabled.


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Version Jun 29, 2019

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