Update 0.56

Sorry for the lack of updates! Wanted to really take the time on this one to make sure stuff is properly working. In this update, although I added a bunch of new things to play with, I also wanted to make sure the game offers a nice stable experience from begin to end. The folks over in our Discord server had tirelessly played various builds of the last week and a half to bring it to this version! Thank you!

Let's go straight into the changelog. For questions or early builds, feel free to join our Discord server. :) 


  • Added Borderless graphic option
  • Added new spells and abilities
  • Added new new trap
  • Added elemental icons to gear
  • Added little thank-you to Settings window
  • Added new items
  • Added stacking items functionality
  • Added multi-use functionality
  • Added new themes
  • Added new music
  • Added new crafting complete window
  • Added new NPC avatars
  • Added rebind for screenshot
  • Added F1-F12 to rebindable key options


  • Change overall floor layout. Champs before shops! 
  • Only one crowned enemy per map allowed
  • Some spells have their max range nerfed
  • Some monsters have new resists
  • Some monsters have new spells
  • Goblins now try harder to avoid campfires
  • Some monsters now resist knockbacks
  • Some monsters have new loot
  • Twitter tweeting now only happens at victory
  • Monsters are slightly weaker
  • Some notifications don't stall the game anymore
  • Wands and some other items inherit their elemental info as their base element
  • Some game texts have been adjusted to better communicate info
  • Added some new controller button icons for button sequence
  • Regular traps now has a chance to inflict bleeding
  • Some spells have a higher effectiveness
  • Going game over now deletes your quick saves!
  • Deconstruction has higher yield rates
  • Gem crafting now always includes the effects of involved items
  • Crafting items when inventory full will now just drop it on the floor
  • Deconstruction when inventory full will now just drop it on the floor
  • Daggers are have slightly better stats overall
  • Status effects no longer try to apply if their target is actually dead
  • Champs now gain their proper sight bonus from class
  • Merchants have bit more items to sell
  • Electric abilities don't stun anymore if their target is frozen
  • Gem crafting now actually deletes all the involved items!
  • Default keybind buttons for screenshot and recast are swapped
  • Changed some window graphics
  • Some enemies leave behind different type of corpse
  • Save statue has a different graphic
  • Dragon eggs no longer show in nearby list (declutter)
  • Certain skills do no not trigger a turn's end, allowing another go
  • Some items may now display their consuming effects
  • Some gear can now be deconstructed
  • Scared monsters may occassionally fight back anyway
  • Champ are similarly powerful as real players, degrading over time


  • Game freeze after crafting
  • Invisible poison trail no longer appears invisible
  • Game crash sometimes on crafting gems
  • Fixed wrong sound effect in settings window
  • Fixed no text no achievement notification
  • Fixed sound effect spam on virtual keyboard
  • Fixed ability to have long names using virtual keyboard
  • Fixed levelling achievement triggering properly now
  • Fixed a potential crash when some effects are non existent
  • Fixed a visual glitch where creatures appear elsewhere after knockback
  • Fixed discord functionality working again (sorry, guys)
  • Fixed fourth healing item not adding to Defender class
  • Fixed still able to cast magic after losing spellbook
  • Fixed damage popups clear when starting new game
  • Fixed game crash when trying to render class for your personal champs
  • Fixed missing 2hander info for item in loot window
  • Fixed monsters unable to recall their last cast spell
  • Fixed sometimes game crash when player levels up while loading save game
  • Fixed highscore crashing game when keys use unknown icons
  • Fixed defender class starting with a default spell
  • Fixed crafting sometimes using too many items in requirements
  • Fixed Wands having some weird empty space in the name
  • Fixed some item name typos
  • Fixed intro music triggering properly
  • Fixed recipes not being properly included in save game (sorry  guys)
  • Fixed save games not properly loading your mana
  • Fixed creation screen sometimes saving values from a previous attempt
  • Fixed ability to change the character creation setting right as it fades out
  • Fixed virtual keyboard resetting will by default display random hero name


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Version 0.56 Jul 17, 2019

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