Update 0.57

The update is finally out! I took a little bit of extra time to work on some of these important changes, most notably the throwing mechanic. You may now throw any item in your possession at the enemy and some items may have additional effects in doing so. Of course, some monsters will start throwing things at you as well. 

We're inching closer to a release. Here's the changelog:


  • Added context menus to inventory
  • Added throwing mechanic (for monsters, too)
  • Added new music
  • Added throw info on item descriptions
  • Added monster-specific throwables
  • Added new monster abilities
  • Added new mana regeneration/usage effects
  • Added new floor cycle info UI
  • Added new sfx for various abilities
  • Added experimental Discord achievement, more in the future


  • Mage class nerfed 25% magic stat
  • Defender class buffed 25% strength stat
  • Defender class nerfed 25% magic stat
  • More items are deconstructible now, including leather helmets, bows and spears
  • Increased overall droprates for items
  • Floor UI has changed graphics
  • Some monsters resist new effects
  • Some monsters have their stats adjusted
  • Adjusted Iceblock radius/range
  • Removed minimap background graphic
  • Status effects now shown in damage floaties where applicable
  • Campfire now does more damage, health appropriate
  • Increased overall gear durability
  • Scared monsters seem less worried now
  • Adjusted champion's stat growth
  • Most monster abilities try to fuzzy target you less (i.e more direct hits)
  • Various game graphics have been updated, e.g equip/fav icons and mana


  • Fixed looting stacks
  • Fixed treasure sprite sometimes disappearing after opening it
  • Fixed enemies sometimes attacking dead creatures
  • Fixed prison barrel sometimes being locked
  • Fixed starter spells sometimes being illegible
  • Fixed audio manager improperly saving values, resetting it
  • Fixed missing icons for eventlog in some occassions
  • Fixed item descriptions for recipes
  • Fixed potion discovery not saved with quick save
  • Fixed some status effects still affecting a dead creature
  • Fixed elemental essence losing value after save game load
  • Fixed crafting window element tinting
  • Fixed missing sprite for stairs in some themes
  • Fixed resurrection spell now actually targetting corpses
  • Fixed boss door placement sometimes out of place, inaccessible or too accessible
  • Fixed slime balls sometimes wrong mana/health healing info
  • Fixed strange delay when an enemy broods off-screen
  • Fixed event spam when player is frozen and tries to use ranged weapon
  • Fixed CrashReporter now finally reporting logs again, sorry about that
  • Fixed bosskeys being destroyed if the corpse that holds it is destroyed
  • Fixed Teleport and Summon spells properly targetting by monsters now
  • Fixed some combat messages triggering multiple times, or in redundance


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Version 0.57 Jul 30, 2019

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