Update 0.58

Working hard! Release is NEXT WEEK! Oh my god. 

This update changes a couple of things that you might've been getting used to. First and foremost, the spellbook and recipebook have been removed as standalone items from your inventory, freeing the 2 slots that were simply inaccessible for you to use. Now, these two became standard actions in your inventory (default: 1 and 2, or controller: RightShoulder and LeftShoulder) and therefore freeing up some slots in your inventory to use freely.

In addition, definitely important: you can compare accessory items properly now. It took a while to implement (sorry all) but you  compare these equippables now and see which one's better. With this, of course, the rest of the gear that's being compared are also better. You get to see the status effects they may inflict or what kind of elemental defense they provide. Just seeing the element of the item is there, too.

Certainly, new items and spells have been added. You can find more shields now, some variations of items (Morning Star, for example) and you can find gloves to wear. These equip both hands but generally deal with stunning your enemies and sometimes making them bleed in the process.

And indeed, I've been receiving your crash logs. It works. Over at our discord, we have been testing this version for quite some time. There's been many bugfixes in this one (some behind the scenes, too) and this version is the best one yet. Anyway, onto the changelog!


  • Added spellbook and recipebook tabs instead of items using up slots
  • Added new monster abilities
  • Added new themes
  • Added new music
  • Added comparing of accessories
  • Added element and status effect info on compare tooltips
  • Added 'unequip' context command for equipped gear
  • Added quantity selection for deconstruct/discard items with quantity
  • Added small preview for savegames in title screen
  • Added new shield items
  • Added new gear type 'glove'
  • Added new spells
  • Added new weapon variations
  • Added discord events for all platforms (can be turned off in settings)
  • Added sound effects to various objects, including traps and campfires
  • Added new consumable items
  • Added statistics breakdown in the Stats category of your inventory!


  • Generating a dungeon using controller now shows controller button seed in leaderboard
  • Recipe scrolls are slightly cheaper to sell now
  • Fighter class has been buffed by 50% in power
  • Defender class has been buffed by 25% in power, 25% in defense
  • Recipe item description in inventory will show whether you already know this recipe
  • Crafted weapons now have better starting stats
  • Gems have increased durability
  • Increaed gold chest yields
  • Some monsters have their stats nerfed a bit
  • Strange Meat item has less healing power
  • Reveal Scroll now also gives you EXP as if you explored everything manually
  • Champions have their power growth adjusted slightly
  • Some monsters might appear more often
  • Some monsters have new death sounds
  • Special monsters might have special sounds for them
  • Prisoner gear now deconstructs into bandages, leaving a dedicated bandage recipe available
  • Some item selling values have been increased (not you, recipes)
  • Existing sound effects have their volume levels more normalized (and overall, lower)
  • Various sprites have been adjusted
  • Gold treasures and their keys will appear slightly more
  • Some monsters have their descriptions adjusted
  • Magic scrolls appear slightly more often in general


  • Fixed game crash when the computer has less than 5 available monitor resolutions to play in (sorry)
  • Fixed weird mana sprite animation when using mana items
  • Fixed screenshot keybind
  • Fixed defeated monster list now also saving on file
  • Fixed deconstructing multiple items now yields appropriate amounts
  • Fixed flying monsters getting hurt by ground hazards
  • Fixed morgue file not showing HP/MP stats for player
  • Fixed mimic's not showing their true form if they attacked first
  • Fixed gem effects not all doing their job, sorry about this
  • Fixed trophy window trying to show while loading game
  • Fixed level-up window trying to show while loading game
  • Fixed audio settings being properly reloaded and saved
  • Fixed a redudant message after knockback does no damage
  • Fixed clairvoyant monsters showing their path
  • Fixed ranged weapons with skill effect showing throw damage twice
  • Fixed spells with radius somehow also playing an animation at the 0,0 position isolated
  • Fixed saving being still available after just loading the game back in
  • Fixed missing gem effects after loading a savegame
  • Fixed death sounds overlapping hit sounds
  • Fixed eventlog not properly clearing when doing a fresh run after played a loaded game before
  • Fixed game crash when going out of a multi-status effect state
  • Fixed deconstruction and discarding items not taking account its uniqueness and just grabbing similars
  • Fixed darkness colors when loading game being imperfect or just kind of off


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Version Aug 07, 2019

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