Update 0.59 and Update 0.60

Stay Safe is released. But, work continues! In the days leading up to release, there were actually two major revisions that followed eachother up rather quickly. For this reason, the 0.59 and 0.60 changelogs will be merged into one.

The 0.60 version is very important as it ushers us into a new milestone. In this milestone, we will take what we have and expand on the ways to play, to include new ones. We've seen how the game works now, and the dangers the dungeons have. Of course, balancing continues (and we may never find a sweet spot!). The 0.60 finalizes features we've long had (crafting, deconstructing, throwing stuff around) and we pave way for some new features. We'll talk about those in time, very very soon actually.

Let's get to the changelog!


  • Added new spells
  • Added a lot of new sound effects
  • Added a bunch of new creatures
  • Added more throwable items for creatures
  • Added a bunch of new gear sets
  • Added new accessory items
  • Added new head gear
  • Added new variations to existing gear
  • Added Steam achievements
  • Added variations to the starting zone
  • Added new achievements for throwing and charging items


  • Strange Potions have their probabilities adjusted so you come across the same ones more often
  • Strange Potions now show their consume effects in the tooltip, where applicable
  • Crafting ingredients now stack 
  • Saving will now disable on the same floor you load back into
  • Some spells have their animation changed
  • Adjusted some status effect names
  • Some spells are slightly stronger (e.g absorb)
  • Champions (other players) begin slightly stronger but lose power over time
  • Several monsters have better starting MP
  • Several monsters also have new spells to use
  • Many gear items now have their stats adjusted, significantly buffed in parts
  • Items in your inventory now show if they're Crafting items or not
  • Dungeon's Monster Budget (i.e how many monsters can be placed) is slightly higher (more monsters on average)
  • Shields have small amount of Strength now
  • Monsters Defense is slightly buffed
  • Some spells have their MP cost adjusted (e.g Clairvoyance is down to 1 from 3)


  • Removing/deconstructing items now properly takes into account its uniqueness
  • Fixed equipment not auto-equipping when you reload a savegame
  • Fixed gems now dropped onto floor when inventory is full instead of error
  • Fixed illegible spells revealed after loading savegame
  • Fixed some items showing both curing and inflicting when it has more than one effect
  • Fixed recipe scrolls not showing if already learned in loot window
  • Fixed crash when trophy tries to trigger while still in the loading screen
  • Fixed crash when video card does not support the right amount of resolutions (sometimes zero?!)
  • Fixed missing items in generation database
  • Fixed legendary loot appearing in loot boxes, can't have that nope nope 
  • Fixed savegame info appearing even if savegame is somehow invalid


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Version Aug 13, 2019

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