Update 0.61

First of all, thank you all for playing. We've received many kind words and support from the community and it fills our hearts with happiness and relief. Of course, this is a tiny roguelike but seeing the types of playthroughs and wonder by players through livestreams and videos, makes even the little things spark a lot of joy. Thank you. 

Before getting into the patches, we'd like to remind everyone that while it's unfortunate if the game crashes or freezes, we do receive the reports automatically and immediately. In our Discord, we release 'beta patches' as a result of crashlogs coming in, more frequently. These will eventually summarize into a major patch, alongside new content. We apologize for the inconvenience if a crash interrupted your otherwise good experience.

That being said, in this new update, we took a little step back to look at the bigger picture. There are a few things we wanted to address immediately and there's a few things we would love to adjust in the future.

First and foremost, we adjusted the inventory UI across the board to make it more readable what's being selected. Furthermore, we adjusted the merchant's UI to appear a bit more easier to follow as well. We intend to tackle the other NPCs mechanics and streamline those experieneces in the coming time.
As always we add new items, monsters, spells and gear in each update. You will see new things appear in your playthroughs.

As a final note: while we do not have an ETA on this yet, a Linux version of the game will be released in the coming time. We'll post a nice big announcement about it when the time is there. Thank you for your understanding.

Without further ado, here is the changelog since 0.60:


  • Strange Potions have new effects
  • Added new consumable status effect cure items
  • Added new gear pieces
  • Added new throwable bomb types
  • Added new monsters
  • Added new Staff type weapons
  • Added new spells
  • Added new status effect type 
  • Added new shield items
  • Monsters will now investigate location if you throw an item while it didn't see you yet


  • All inventory windows have improved UI
  • Trader window UI has been updated
  • Some Crowned enemies will not appear until much later
  • Monsters, in general, have been slightly nerfed
  • Some monsters appear in differently locations now
  • Some spells have had their mana costs decreased
  • Some spells have had their ranges adjusted
  • The "Bat" monster was slightly nerfed
  • Monsters will be alerted if it gets hit by a thrown item
  • Adjusted object placement in some prison map layouts
  • Some graphics have been adjusted
  • Some high-level monsters were slightly nerfed
  • The charging item "Elemental Essence" will appear more often
  • Added a note when entering character name for minimum letters
  • Supportive spells have their radius/ranks adjusted heavily


  • Fixed Steam Achievements did not trigger at release
  • Fixed some items using wrong statistics when calculating their worth
  • Fixed some achievements being triggered by monsters, not the player (haha)
  • Fixed name generator a little more fair on name generations
  • Fixed savegame info box appearing, even if the savegame is invalid
  • Fixed dead creatures still being affected by some hurtful objects
  • Fixed some achievement data persisting through sessions when they shouldn't
  • Fixed audio volume not resetting properly after returning to title screen
  • Fixed magic recast text on player UI being dark when should be light
  • Fixed a potential crash when a monster tried leaping as player leaves floor
  • Fixed ability to throw consumables on non-creature objects
  • Fixed some missing sprites for older leaderboards ingame
  • Fixed a crash when trying to unlock a specific achievement
  • Fixed an issue where a monster tries to spot hostiles when it has no clue
  • Fixed wrong sprites for some items
  • Fixed drawing order of some traps not overlaying the character
  • Fixed player not being noticed by monsters if they are ontop of another object


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Version 0.61 Aug 19, 2019

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